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Preparing for counselling

Reduce anxiety or anticipation, and make the most of your experience

Whether you are new to counselling or a seasoned counselling enthusiast, check out my recommendations for preparing for our sessions.

Autumn landscape along the Kasiks River between Terrace and Prince Rupert, BC.
Create a safe and soothing space

Your physical environment can influence your counselling experience.


  • For telehealth, join the session at least 5 minutes early to avoid connection issues

  • Secure a confidential or private space to talk

  • Minimize potential distractions by silencing technology or letting others know you will be unavailable

  • Take a comfortable seat or other position. Sit, stand, lay down, move, etc.

  • For telehealth, connect from a space you love or wherever you feel most safe

    • Surround yourself with creature comforts; consider all 5 senses

    • Prepare a soothing, non-alcoholic beverage

    • Wear soft, stretchy clothing; use blankets, pillows, etc.

    • Listen to music before/after the session

    • Light a candle or use calming scents

  • Take care of any human needs before, during, and after our session

    • You can snack, drink, stretch, take bathroom breaks, etc. at any time

    • Have water and tissues on hand

  • Speak with me about any necessary accommodations or adjustments

Consider your goals for therapy

Taking some time to think about your personal goals for therapy can help to establish a clear and collaborative plan. It’s okay if these are unclear to you!


  • Prioritize the issues you would like to address to maximize your time and focus

  • Have a notebook and pen on hand to write down any significant thoughts or reflections

Take care of yourself

Counselling can be emotionally draining and you may require time afterwards to process. If possible, set aside time for yourself before and after our session.

  • Ease back into your day; schedule time for a walk, nap, or snack afterwards

  • Avoid scheduling important work or school calls, etc. immediately after

  • Inform me if you are feeling uncomfortable, overwhelmed, or triggered at any time during the session

  • Avoid using any substances (alcohol, drugs) directly before, during, or after our session.*

  • Take as many breaks as needed

  • Connect with someone you trust for support between sessions


*Substance use and counselling: For safety and effectiveness within our counselling sessions, clients must attend in a sober and coherent state. Please be advised that individuals arriving inebriated will be asked to reschedule, incurring the full session cost.

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