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My Services

Choose your path to healing

Discover the services I offer below or email me your special service request. Stay tuned for updates, available here and on my online booking page.

Coverage and costs

Services provided by registered social workers are often covered by extended benefits plans, including First Nations Health Authority and Métis Nation BC programs. Contact your benefits provider for details on your coverage.

My services are considered medical and can be claimed on your income tax returns. Counselling services are GST and HST exempt, with costs detailed under each service description.

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Individual Counselling

50 minutes | $135.00
For new or returning clients aged 19+ and living in British Columbia

In one-to-one sessions, I offer a warm and welcoming space to explore your reasons for counselling. Together, we build skills and understanding for mental and overall wellness, keeping your experience at the heart of our conversations. Individual counselling supports positive changes in thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. 

This time is yours. With your permission, a trusted person can join our sessions for added support.   


Couples/Partners Counselling

50 minutes | $150.00
For new or returning couples/partners aged 19+ and living in British Columbia

I help couples/partners overcome challenges, improve communication, build or rebuild trust, and enhance intimacy in a supportive environment. Together, we strengthen attachment bonds through openness and teamwork. Couples/partnership counselling might involve individual sessions, respecting each person’s unique story and experiences within the partnership.

Please note: I do not offer mediation. All partners must show engagement, effort and commitment to bettering the relationship.

Non-traditional relationships, up to 3 partners, and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals are welcome.


Family Counselling

50 minutes | $175.00
For new or returning family members aged 12+ and living in British Columbia

Family counselling aims to enhance understanding, communication, behaviour and relationships within the family unit. Viewing the family as an interconnected system, we create a safe space for expression and work towards positive changes together. Family counselling might also involve individual sessions, honouring each person’s unique story, experiences, and contributions within the family system.

Please note: I do not offer mediation. All family members must show engagement, effort, and commitment to bettering family relationships.

Non-traditional families and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals are welcome; up to 3 family members can join sessions.


Children & Youth Counselling (12+)

50 minutes | $135.00
For new and returning clients aged 12-18 and living in British Columbia

I help young people navigate challenges, express their feelings, develop their communication, and build coping skills for better mental and overall wellness. With your permission, a trusted family member, caregiver, or friend can join our sessions for extra support.

Child/youth areas of focus
  • Anxiety, depression and stress

  • Behaviour and emotion regulation

  • Family dynamics and parent-child communication

  • ADHD and ASD related challenges

  • Academic or school related challenges

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Trauma and grief

  • Social skills and self-esteem

  • Gender, sexuality, and identity

  • Suicide, self-harm, and disordered eating

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Consent for child & youth counselling

In BC, a minor is someone under 19 years old. According to BC law, a mature minor can agree to counselling without needing permission from a parent/guardian. I require consent from one parent/guardian to work with anyone under 19 years old, collected during the intake process.

Please note: Under the Family Law Act, legal guardians who are separated or divorced are required consult with each other regarding services for their child.


End-of-Life Guide (Doula) Services

50 minutes | $135.00
For new or returning individuals aged 12+ and living in British Columbia

As an end-of-life guide or doula, I offer emotional and spiritual companionship, Advance Care Planning assistance, and guidance on navigating the dying process and healthcare decisions. Supporting individuals preparing for death and their loved ones, I provide practical assistance to enhance the end-of-life journey, regardless of diagnosis or timeline.

It is important to have these conversations and plan when you are healthy or capable, to ensure that your end-of-life care is appropriate, meaningful and aligned with your wishes.

Parent/guardian consent is required for individuals under 19 years old and collected during the intake process.

See here for information about end-of-life doulas.


Specialized Trauma Therapy

I offer structured and specialized psychotherapies used to treat trauma/stress related disorders and associated distress. Continue reading for more information.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)
80 minutes - $150.00

For individuals aged 12+ and living in British Columbia.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is an innovative and evidence-based form of psychotherapy. It utilizes guided eye movements and techniques from established therapies to replace negative images with positive ones. ART alleviates or resolves mental distress without the need for detailed trauma discussions, including experiences of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep, eating disorders, etc. It promotes rapid progress, and clients describe sessions as calming and often joyful.

See here for more information about ART.

ART is a structured form of individual therapy. It usually requires 1-3 sessions to work on one issue or theme. Positive effects are generally reported after 3-4 sessions.

Prior to starting ART, I require you to attend an 80-minute initial session to explore the themes and scenes you want to address using ART. I will provide information about ART, answer questions, and assess whether ART is a suitable therapy for your concerns. You will leave our initial session with a new tool using the smooth pursuit eye movements of ART that you can use on your own.

Returning clients are welcome to discuss ART in our sessions. We can work together to determine whether ART is a good option for future sessions.


Parental/guardian permission is required for individuals 12-18 years old and will be collected
during the intake process.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Coming soon!

For individuals aged 19+ and living in British Columbia.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a well-established form of psychotherapy that helps process, alleviate and resolve distress associated with trauma and stress. EMDR uses guided eye movements to target specific memories and essentially reprogram the brain. In the days following EMDR sessions, clients often notice a reduction in the emotional charge associated with targeted memories, leading to increased well-being and a greater sense of control over their emotional experiences.

EMDR is a structured individual therapy. It is usually delivered in 6-12 sessions, but some people benefit from fewer. Sessions may occur 1-2 times per week and can be on consecutive days.


See here for more information about EMDR.

Trauma Informed Yoga

For people aged 12+ and of all abilities living in British Columbia.

Online and in-person classes available, with in-person options for Prince Rupert, BC, and nearby areas.

Offering individual and group classes (max 15 people).

Benefits of regular yoga practice include


  • Enhanced physical fitness

  • Improved posture, balance, and flexibility

  • Mindfulness and mental clarity

  • A stronger mind-body connection

  • Stress reduction

  • Mood regulation

  • Coping skills and grounding techniques

  • Sense of connection with oneself, others, and the environment

  • Pain management and relief


Why trauma-informed?

Safety, respect, sensitivity and awareness are the roots of trauma-informed yoga. It supports healing for individuals with past trauma by emphasizing empowerment, choice, and mind-body connection. Mindful movement is a stepping stone on the path to trauma recovery, aiding by fostering body awareness, reducing anxiety, and promoting a sense of safety and control.


For Organizations

Community-centred counselling

For individuals and groups aged 12+ and located in British Columbia.

Online and in-person services available, with in-person options for Prince Rupert, BC, and nearby areas.

Building community and connection is at the heart of what I do. Let’s work together to customize my services for your BC-based agency and its members. This could involve providing counselling for individuals or groups facing work-related challenges, trauma, or stress. Alternatively, consider introducing an inclusive, trauma-informed yoga wellness break for your organization!

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