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My Approach

Integrative and individualized

Inspired by mindfulness, embodiment, Indigenous (Métis), and land-based healing, I strive to provide holistic and culturally safe services. I view you as the expert on your life and healing journey, while offering respectful, compassionate, strengths-based, and trauma-informed support on your path to balance.

I recognize that counselling is not one size fits all, which is why I utilize an integrative approach. Integrative therapy combines different therapeutic approaches to create a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan for individuals based on their unique needs.

My counselling practice draws from various styles of therapy, including

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
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Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)
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Narrative Therapy
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Motivational Interviewing
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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
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Family Systems Models

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) will be available in autumn 2024. Please check this website and my online booking page for updates. 

Why social work?

My social work background enhances counselling services. I am trained to address societal and systemic factors, make referrals to community resources, advocate for social justice, and provide holistic support. Social workers understand mental health as interconnected with physical, spiritual, sexual, and social well-being. 

Social work services and counselling provided by registered social workers are covered by many extended benefits programs, including First Nations Health Authority and Métis Nation BC programs.

For specific tasks (such as applications) that require a social worker's input or signature, please email me your request. 

Additional Info
Privacy & Confidentiality

I take your privacy very seriously. All counselling interactions, including phone calls, sessions, and records are kept strictly confidential. I will not confirm your client status or share information with third parties, subject to legal restrictions. Before our first session, you'll review my privacy policy and give your informed consent, with the option to revoke it at any time without repercussions. I’ll be available for any questions you may have, maintaining transparency and the utmost respect for your privacy.

Virtual Services

I offer flexible and accessible virtual counselling via video and phone. Virtual formats are proven to be as effective as in-person sessions. This allows you to connect from any location – whether you prefer to walk and talk or meet in the comfort of your home. Virtual sessions offer convenience, privacy, and increased access to support. Appointments are secure and confidential, utilizing the user-friendly Jane app for a seamless telehealth experience.

In-person Services

In-person services will soon be available in Prince Rupert, BC. Until then, virtual services are available. Watch my website and booking page for updates. I may be available to provide in-person services through local organizations in Prince Rupert and surrounding areas. Please email me with special services requests.

Family Engagement

Involving a supportive friend or family member in our sessions can reduce anxiety, increase support, and promote lasting outcomes. Research shows that family involvement in mental health improves client-reported quality of life. I recognize the connection between mental health and family and social dynamics. Involving a trusted person in our sessions is something to consider. It may not only benefit you, but also benefit your family, caregivers or friends.

Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone is welcome! Accommodations and personalized services are critical to meeting diverse needs and ensuring effective mental health support. Please let me know if you need any adjustments at any point in the counselling process. Your comfort and well-being are a top priority.

One way that I promote inclusivity is by offering couples/partnership counseling for non-traditional relationships. Historical, racial, gender and sexuality trauma and related resiliencies inform my approach. Acknowledging these experiences helps to foster an environment where diverse experiences are respected. 

My counseling practice is proudly 2SLGBTQIA+ friendly, providing a safe space for all sexual orientations and gender identities to explore mental health.

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